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Words of Power is the latest in Michael Kelly’s series of Draconian titles. Its purpose is to reveal the Mysteries of the spoken and written word, and how the precise use of words is essential to magic. The book is divided into three sections: In the first section, historical traditions of magic are studied with specific reference to the ways in which they use Words and Names of power. The Graeco-Egyptian magical papyri; Qabalism; the grimoire traditions; runes; ogham; Enochian; Satanism: all are examined closely and their techniques dissected. This demonstrates how the entirety of magical practice is founded upon words and their correct use. In the second section, attention is turned to the use of our own contemporary language as a tool to influence and persuade others, utilising the skills of Lesser Magic. The secrets of persuasion are laid bare, with a full discussion of how to choose the right words to convey the precise meanings and emotions which will persuade others to do what you want, whether you are talking to an individual, addressing a crowd, or using the written word. The third section looks at the Draconian characters created and used by The Apophis Club, demonstrating a method of drawing forth your own personal sound keys by accessing the qualities associated with various letters in your own subconscious. These words and letters are then explored further through three levels of numerological analysis. The reader of this book can expect to come away with not only increased knowledge of the power of applied language, but the skills and techniques to choose the right words to create the changes he or she most desires. For magic is the fulfilment of desires, and this book will show you how to fulfil yours.

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