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VXIT URUT NAG – Grimoire of Black Serpent

This is an extensive work of draconian gnosis and qliphothic sorcery experimenting with diverse technics from automatic drawings, paintings, meditations, dream path workings, invocations and shamanism.
This grimoire is an atavistic call to the exploratons to the infernal gateways and waters of chaos, and offering a deep communion between the spirit of darkness where inhabits the adept and the blackened flame, which guide you to the gates of knowledge and exploration to the deeper gnosis of the void.

Through this grimoire you are opening the draconian eye through spirit and flesh and your alchemical process through the sinister flame begin. You experience how to walk through its tunnels of its hidden wisdom and begin to awake the invoked and manifested powers through you. When its magickal essence penetrate through the astral gateways of its sacred manifestations your soul is touched by its venomous black flame.

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