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Thyme Leaf Organic 1oz

A little lemony and decidedly distinctive, thyme is a crucial ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. You’ll find it in soups and sauces, vegetable and meat dishes, as well as classic spice blends like bouquet garni and herbes de Provence.

Botanical name: Thymus vulgaris L.

thymeAlso known as common thyme or garden thyme, Thymus vulgaris is one of over 350 species in the Lamiaceae (mint) family. It has a woody root and hard, reddish-brown stems with small, delicate leaves and little pink flowers. It grows to about a foot in height.
The cleansing, pleasant scent of thyme was used by ancient Greeks to perfume and purify baths and temples, while the ancient Egyptians used the plant for embalming. Virgil acknowledged thyme’s antiseptic qualities, too, and Pliny recommended it for ridding an area of serpents. In Medieval times, women would give knights and warriors sprigs of thyme, to inspire courage. (In fact, the Greek word thumus means courage.) Its earliest uses were culinary, too; the Romans enjoyed it in cheeses and liqueurs. Also associated with death, thyme is planted on graves in England and carried at funerals. In some cultures, it has been placed on coffins to promise a safe passage to the afterlife. Thyme is sometimes planted nearby beehives; bees seem to love the plant, and it yields a wonderful honey.

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