Product Description

Walking the Path of Love
With the medicine wheel to guide us and Rumi’s words to illuminate the path, we have the possibility for our own masterpiece: a life of love and happiness.

How do you want to love?  Most of us would say we want to love well―to become the best lover and beloved we can be.  We want our loving relationships to be full of joy, giving, and understanding.

The timeless writings of Rumi, a thirteenth-century Sufi mystic and poet, reflect on the quest for the Beloved―the great merging with the mystical soul. Eight hundred years after the birth of the world’s most visionary poet and philosopher, Rumi’s wisdom endures as a powerful source for discovering how to love.

In this lyrical exploration of Rumi’s teachings, renowned author Ross Heaven reawakens and celebrates the soul’s capacity for love by incorporating the shamanic concept of the medicine wheel to guide the seeker, first toward self-exploration and finally toward spiritual and fulfilling love.  Leap passionately onto the path of love, and uncover its real truth―the divine soul of the universe.