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The Angel and the Goddess

As he has in the past, Jonathan Goldman invokes the spirits of Shamael, the angel of sound, and Saraswati, the goddess of music. For The Angel and the Goddess, he beseeches them to guide the spontaneous creativity of the performers and participants. That is where it gets special. The participants in Goldman’s projects include the listeners — casual, recreational, and focused. It is difficult to listen to this disc without a deep and lasting impression. The power of the music’s psychoactivity goes beyond the inexplicable into the realms of the fifth and sixth dimensions. Goldman’s overtone expertise allows his atmospheres to interact with listeners’ auras to create warm and protective pockets of positive energy. There are very few artists at this level. In terms of spiritual and emotional responses, this CD will appeal to fans of Anugama, Lisa Lynne, Dean Evenson, and Constance Demby.

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