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Soul Food – Deli Llama Orchestra

Be Transformed as this unique blend of healing sound streams truth to Your higher-self and to Your heart.
Experience the music of The Deli Llama Orchestra 2010 as Harp, Flute and Guitar blend seamlessly with Tibetan Singing Bowls creating beautiful spiritual moments and time-less melodies of healing sound for Your spiritual journey.
Soul Food magically enhances Your Love of Life and mystically amplifies Your Love of Spirit.
We have all been transformed by this unique and power-filled healing sound journey.
You too will be Transformed as each track transports You in-ward into the ‘Great Mystery’ which is You.
‘Soul Food’ brings life and meaning to living as ‘Food for Your Soul’.

Musicians & Artists on this Album/CD include:

Skookums – Harp; RAVEN WOLF C. FELTON JENNINGS II – Orchestral flute, Native Style Cedar Flutes; Pete Szkolka – Guitar; Tony Lotven – Orchestral Flute, Tibetan Bowls; Bob Runyon – Guitar, Tibetan Bowls; Neal Miller – Tibetan Bowls, Production and Steve Donofrio – Tibetan Bowls.
These musicians comprised the Deli Llama Orchestra 2010 for this recording

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