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Shani Oates – The People of Goda

This work takes an unusual and unprecedented departure from the author’s previous publications in order to follow a more personal and introspective thread of the mysteries. It is a treatise very much a work in progress, albeit one that seeks to answer the oft’ quoted assertions regarding what the ‘People’ are and who is or is not Goda. Better yet, it traces latent clues, keys primed within the cumulative works of the former Magisters of the Clan of Tubal Cain, Robert Cochrane and Evan John Jones, to their origin and by default, their paradoxical conclusion. It constructs a template, a blueprint of their working ethos that feeds a further dynamic into praxis germane to their Cosmology.

Most importantly, it asserts an identity through the focus of the work, given a contextual basis from which to grow and develop with impunity, confidant of its participation in and contribution to the vitality of a stream of living gnosis. Historical and more recent glosses are removed, peeled back, layer by layer to the very heart of a rich heritage, culturally, spiritually and magically. Many layers have filtered this core, and many feed it still.

These pages cut right to the heart of the matter, dispelling misnomers and the countless misapprehensions regarding certain aspects of the Clans methodology, of its fundamental belief, of its structure, even of its traditions. None of this is, nor ever could be deemed secret, but it is sacred, at least to those who cherish this precious pearl of wisdom; for it represents a way of seeing and a way of being by which everyone may ‘know thyself’ and ‘be truly blessed.’
Most startling for many reading this book, will be the near heretical conclusions it draws from the hefty body of research engaged along this pilgrimage of self discover paralleling the intense discovery ‘of whom’ the ‘People’ are aligned to as a ‘personalised’ aspect of the divine. Some may find this material contentious, but it is hoped even more will defer that to ‘challenging’. For without challenge everyone remains unprovoked, thus failing to develop their full and true potential both as individuals and as a collective species seeking elevation through enlightenment.

This demands the removal of trivial abstractions to allow the truth to shine though the dust of ages. Too long have agendas obfuscated the simple beauty and elegance of a Northern system, the source of which will generate much further study into areas hitherto unnoticed or ignored. It is hoped this innovative material will re-kindle those fires of enquiry, the pursuit of a life given purpose and meaning, wherein all roots are tended and acknowledged, wherein the fruit is shared, nourishing all who partake of its blessings and wherein seeds continue to flourish into the next generation and beyond.

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