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Reginald A Ray – Meditation in Seven Steps: Unlocking the Depths of Human Fulfillment

Like a tightly closed bud that longs to open fully, we live on the verge of an unfathomable beauty that needs only our loving attention to unfold. Meditation gives us a springboard for taking the bold leap into the limitless space of our own being. Dr. Reggie Ray has been immersed in the practice and teaching of meditation for more than 40 years. Now, Meditation in Seven Steps brings you this internationally respected teacher’s most essential guidance for those new to the practice, exploring:

• Meditation as the antidote to distraction, confusion, and despair

• Seven progressive guided meditations

• The key aspects of practice—including posture, relaxation, mindfulness of the body and breath, and working with thoughts

• Shedding the layers of “ego mind” to access our boundless nature

“No matter our age, circumstances, or where we come from,” explains Reggie Ray, “the practice of meditation enables us to make the journey back to who we truly are.” With Meditation in Seven Steps, he invites you to experience freedom, joy, fulfillment, and the countless profound rewards of dedicated practice.

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