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his new book from the internationally acclaimed author of bestselling non-fiction works including the Necronomicon (Llewellyn, 2004), Enochian Magic for Beginners (1997) and The Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy (2009) is an exciting collection of six esoteric tales featuring the Elizabethan magician Dr John Dee and his skryer Edward Kelley. The two men use their wits and angelic magic to battle a range of supernatural foes and threats:

The Curse
… one of the Queen’s lady’s-in-waiting is threatened by an African curse.

Hackley Grange
… terror from beyond the stars strikes close to home.

Black Dog
… Edward Kelley meets an old treasure-hunting friend, and gains a familiar, but will it save or kill him?

The Shewstone
… Dee and Kelley battle powerful foes to save the realm from destruction.

Nonsuch House
… the vengeance of a dangerous ghost endangers John Dee’s wife, Jane.

The Ravener
… an ancient evil stalks Queen Elizabeth I and her courtiers on a hunt, with the only salvation lying in the wits of John Dee.

“A gripping collection of tales vividly set in the Elizabethan world of the magus John Dee and his skryer Edward Kelley. From court intrigue to witchcraft, faeries to creatures from beyond the stars, Dee and Kelley are forced to rely on their wits and arcane knowledge to solve peculiar mysteries and safeguard both Queen Elizabeth I and her realm. Drawing on his decades of knowledge and experience, Donald Tyson draws the reader into an absorbing labyrinth of deception and magic.”

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