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Power of Crystals

The Power of Crystals is a fascinating journey through the knowledge of two people who love what they do and know as much about the Metaphysical and Energetic side of Crystals as anyone. This is the one video you really should have if you’ve ever been curious about using crystals to enrich your energy and your life. We go over around 30 types of crystals, explaining their special properties and how to use them. You will see a crystal healing demonstration. Paul shares his technique for connecting with the greater good and using the Crystals to enhance healing energy at specific points on the body. Alana demonstrates how she uses a grid of crystals to enhance the levels of her meditations, and how you can, too. Then we visit with a shadowy figure telling us what he knows about secret government experiments to harness the power of crystals. You will be surprised what Uncle Sam is up to. Running time is over an hour, and it’s packed with information.

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