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Pagan Ways by Gwydion O’Hara is a complete introduction to the history, traditions, and practices of the Old Religion.

The many traditions of Paganism form one of the fastest-growing spiritual paths today. If you want to explore Paganism, this book is an ideal resource. If you think that Paganism might be a path for you, it explains what you need to know. If you are starting in a Pagan religion such as Wicca, Pagan Ways will fill out your knowledge of the Craft.

Find out the truth about Paganism
Discover how to get in touch with the subtle forces of nature
Explore the role of the eight Pagan virtues: love, trust, balance, humility, learning, reincarnation, harmony, and tolerance
Learn how to follow the Pagan calendar and keep the holidays
Read how to build an altar
Understand the tools used in magic
Find out about the stages involved in becoming a Pagan Priestess or Priest
Read about the history of Paganism, including the founders of the modern Craft movement
Pagan Ways will give you the understanding and insight to make a firm decision about whether Paganism is the right path for you. You’ll even be able to participate in the meaningful rituals that beautifully blend ancient wisdom with modern insights included in this book.

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