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The Occult Digest :: Vol I, Issue I
A Journal of Esoteric Thought, Practice, and Expression
Edited by Dr. Louie Martinié

The Occult Digest originated in the early 1920’s and endured several re-births and transformations. Black Moon is honoured to be instrumental in the current re-birth of this historical publication and it is our goal to bring this time-tested entity into the present day to give voice to the many writers, artists and poets representing the myriad facets of esoteric thought, practice, and expression.

The Occult Digest and The Cincinnati Journal of Magick (that we published circa 1976-1979) have much in common. So it is actually a re-birth and merger of two very distinct and unique publications that were considered ground-breaking in their day and we hope to continue that tradition with this current re-birth.

Published annually.


Babel: A Word From The Editor

Excerpt from Tao Haiku
by Phillip Landry and Christopher Morrison-Slave

Chicago, Spiritual Center of the Planet
by John Sacelli

Excerpt from Tao Haiku
by Phillip Landry and Christopher Morrison-Slave

The Spiritual Doctors of New Orleans
by Dr. Louie Martinié

Excerpt from The Aim of Art
by Albert Camus

The Rites of Passing
by Dr. Louie Martinié

Dancing Light on Congo Square
by Dr. Louie Martinié

Excerpt From The Magickal Record of Nema

The Line that is Not: Reflections on Mathematics,
Mysticism, Dreaming, and Active Imagination
by Drake Spaeth, Psy.D.

Excerpt from Eulis
by Paschal Beverly Randolph, MD

by Jason Kerzinski

Blood Ritual as a Devotional Act in Contemporary Society
by Charlotte Rodgers

Forest Craft
byVeronica Magenta Nero

by Jason Kerzinski

The Song of Set
by Judith Page

Legend: Archangel Lucifer – ‘Carrier of the Light’
by Judith Page

Songs of the Black Flame
by Diane Narraway and Matthew Levi Stevens

by Diane Narraway

The Devil’s Door
by Nathaniel J. Harris

Hecate: Goddess of Witches
by Waning Moon

Sexual Magick
by Zayin

Featured Artist: Dennis McCambridge

The Four Elements of Major Goetic Ritual
by Pharzuph

Thelemic Tantra
by Sam Webster, M.Div., Mage

Celtic Buddhism: A Collection of Excerpts and Essays

Celtic Buddhism
by Andrew “Bish” Peers

What Is Celtic Buddhism
by Bill Scheffel

Excerpts From the Writings of Venerable
Thom Kilts, MA/MDIV, RP

Demystifying Astrology
by Rev Bill Duvendack

An Interview With Sean Woodward
by Mav Kuhn

Psychic and Energetic Defense
by Gregory Badeaux

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