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Music for Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

Music touches our hearts and resonates within our bodies. The right music can truly renew us, helping us to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Great musicians have always recognized this therapeutic power of music, and researchers are finally proving them right. The Sound Medicine Series features the works of inspired musical pioneers who are exploring music’s healing power.

Your body is a self-healing instrument. If you give it a chance, it will always tend toward homeostasis or healthful balance. Sound healer Steven Halpern uses soothing and free-floating keyboard compositions to draw the body into this state of balance and harmony.

Combining artistic inspiration, sensitivity, and sophisticated sound technology, his compositions synchronize the hemispheres of the brain and amplify the production of alpha brainwaves. This natural response is associated with feelings of deep relaxation, contentment, and well-being.

Steven Halpern, PhD, stands at the leading edge of the growing public understanding of the relationship between music, body, mind, and spirit. An internationally acclaimed composer and recording artist, Halpern has produced over 60 recordings and authored several books.

His music has been featured on 48 Hours, America’s Talking, and in USA Today, the New York Times, and Yoga Journal. Halpern’s recordings are used in hospitals, healing clinics, and leading spas worldwide.

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