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Michael W. Ford – Lilith – Rituals of Night

The Rituals of Lilith provides a powerful working for any Left Hand Path or Luciferian practitioner who seeks the Adversarial Spirit of Lilith. Called the Mother of Demons, Lilith is explored within a Sonic Black Magick or Ritualistic Context. Numerous sounds associated with Lilith are presented here as powerful aspects to accompany invocations or astral workings towards Lilith. The Music compositions by Michael W. Ford explore dark ambience, ritual soundscapes blending with middle eastern influenced music. Invocations performed by Satrina, a Priestess of The Order of Phosphorus are woven in delicate and murderous tones to give honor to She who Devours and Creates. This recording also features the horrific terror-noise track “KALI – The Rite of Vagina Denata” as an apocalyptic outro. Ritual Workings with limited voices with ghostlike soundscapes, daemonic and beastlike sounds, machinery and human bones fuel the ritual recording of LILITH – Rituals of Night. 58.54 in Length.

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