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Mermaid w/ base

The Mermaid, a beautiful woman to her waist, but a fish from the waist down, has always been a favorite creature of legend and romance. There has never been a time or place in nautical history in which mariners have not told of Mermaids and Mermen they encountered. The Mermaid of tradition is a seductive and dangerous enchantress, who personifies the beauty and treachery of the sea, and especially of the shoals and rocks of the coastline.

Mermaids lure sailors with singing and lovely music to their kingdom on the bottom of the sea. Some tales tell of kindhearted beauties desiring only to introduce their lovers to the rapture of the deep; while others recount mer-monsters bent on ripping their captives from limb to limb. The folklore of Mer-people is ancient and widespread, crossing cultures, continents and centuries.

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