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Marjoram Leaf C/S Organic 1oz

A versatile seasoning, marjoram adds delightful aroma and minty, sweet taste to dressings, soups, butters and sauces. It’s a key ingredient in several classic spice blends–like fines herbs and bouquet garni.

Botanical name: Origanum majorana L.

MarjoramAlso known as knotted marjoram or sweet marjoram, Marjorana hortensis is an herbaceous, aromatic, cold-sensitive perennial. In other words, it grows as a perennial in warm places like its native Portugal, but in colder climates it’s treated as an annual. Reaching one or two feet in height, the plant is rather bushy, with hairy, shrub-like stalks and white or purplish-white flowers. When dried, the leaves are light gray/green. Thought to be a cure-all, marjoram was cultivated as a potherb in Egypt over 3,000 years ago. It was also used in both ancient Egypt and Greece for seasoning meats, fish, vegetables and wines. For the ancient Greeks, marjoram was a symbol of happiness; placing marjoram on the grave insured eternal peace. The Greeks also believed that Aphrodite would visit and reveal the future husband of a girl who placed marjoram on her bed. The ancient city of Marjora is named for sweet marjoram, which still adorns its coat of arms. And in Crete it was worn as a badge of honor. Marjoram was used medicinally in the Middle Ages and for cooking in 16th century England.

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