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Lemon Verbena Leaf C/S Organic 1oz

Lemon verbena is a very fragrant flowering shrub native to South America, where it’s used to make tea. While not as well known as other lemony herbs, it is well worth getting to know as it is one of the most flavorful of this class of herbs.
Botanical name: Aloysia citriodora

Common name: Lemon verbena

Synonyms: Lippia citriodora, Aloysia triphylla, lemon plant, verbena

lemon verbena flowersBotanical Family: Lemon verbena is a frost-sensitive tall shrub native to Argentina and Chile with sweet, lemony scented leaves and white flowers. Several other related species are native to Africa. The leaves, which are the part of the plant that is used, are long, narrow, and shiny green with a distinct lemony aroma.

Constituents of Note: Essential oil is present in lemon verbena at levels of less than 1% and usually at 0.5% or less. Citral (geraniol and nerol) and limonene comprise about 60% of lemon verbena essential oil. The essential oil is sometimes used in aromatherapy, but the true oil is expensive and at high risk of adulteration.

Quality: Lemon Verbena leaf is medium green in color, free of all woody stems with less than 1% soft stem. Small white flowers may be present in limited amounts. The aroma of the leaf when crushed is sweet and lemony. Lemon verbena has fruity, lemony flavor.

Regulatory Status: GRAS as a natural flavoring (Title 21 172.510), Dietary Supplement

Did you know? Brought back to Europe by Spanish explorers, lemon verbena was known as ‘Herb Louisa’ so named in honor of Maria Louisa, the wife of King Charles IV of Spain. Lemon verbena gained popularity as an aromatic addition to finger bowls at Victorian banquets. It was also used in perfumes.

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