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Kamal – Whale Meditation

Enchanting melodies united with the mysterious and heart-warming songs of the Humpback Whale invoke a tranquil sense of serenity, sending you on a meditative journey to the soul of the earth. The third and final part of the Whale Song Trilogy, Whale Meditation is an excellent album to help still the mind and open the heart, making it the perfect accompaniment for personal meditation, relaxation and the healing arts.

“What makes the singing of the whales so intriguing and inspiring to me is a deep sense that these creatures are in total harmony and peace with the world. This resonates within myself as a deep longing for that harmony and inner peace. Every moment I have a choice to be at war or at peace with “what is,” and I see the calling of the whales as a call to make peace with the present moment and live from there. The music on this album is dedicated to that call.” ~Kamal

About the Whales:

All of the whale sounds in Kamal’s music come from a single recording by a Bermudian engineer, and friend of mine, Frank Watlington. One morning in 1961 Frank was in his office when he heard a whale start singing over a loudspeaker that he always left turned on, low, but audible by his window. The whale was about fifty miles away from Frank’s office but clearly close to a hydrophone (an underwater microphone) that picked up its sound and sent a signal ashore via an underwater cable. Frank told me that he wasn’t sure it was a whale but that he rustled around and found a tape he’d used for an earlier project, threaded it onto his machine and started recording — thus creating what remains to this day, the most extraordinary recording of a humpback whale song ever made by anyone. Frank left me hist tapes when he died (he died much too young). I think this work by Kamal would have intrigued and delighted him.

“To human ears it is the song of the humpback whale singing that is the grandest, the most complex, the most powerful song sung by any non-human.” ~Dr. Roger Payne

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