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Sex magic is one of the most controversial magical methodologies. It attracts frustrated newcomers to the occult, expecting to have all their lusts fulfilled in steamy orgies. It gives pulpit thumpers something to rant about. It makes for lurid headlines in newspapers with more regard for sales than facts. All of these things just go to show the enormous human fascination with sex. Which is precisely why sexuality and desire can be harnessed for magical ends. Wherever such levels of obsession exist, the magical powerhouse of the subconscious can be readily tapped. That being said, to use such obsessions effectively is quite different in practice than most people would imagine. If you are reading this book hoping to find a world in which your sexual fantasies will be fulfilled, you’re going to be disappointed. This book is about using sexuality to power magic, not the other way around. There are some absolutely excellent manuals on the more advanced techniques of sex magic out there. This book is not one of them. Its purpose is to guide the interested newcomer in a safe and effective way. None of its practices involve unsafe sex or BDSM techniques. All are practised solo or with an existing partner. We will be looking at the following specific areas in this book, which cover both magic for results (the casting of spells) and magic for self-transformation (initiatory magic): The Magic of Desire Sexual Response as an Engine Auto-Erotic Spells Channelling Desire to an Effect Vision Magic Touching the Divine Other Applications

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