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This little booklet aims to teach you how to conjure spirits and use them to achieve your goals. It is a purely practical instruction manual, intent upon giving you the information you need in order to actually do something and put the principles into practice. As such, all historical or philosophical information is kept to a bare minimum, except that which is absolutely necessary for you to understand what you are doing.

The booklet is divided into six sections:
What evocation is.
What spirits are.
What equipment you will need.
A breakdown and discussion of the steps of a conjuration ritual.
A selection of spirits with their attributes, conjurations and seals.
An example complete ritual.

The booklet is intended for those starting out in this magical field, who are enchanted by the potent image of the sorcerer summoning spirits, but daunted by the complexity and lack of guidance in the classic grimoire texts. This thoroughly modern treatment makes this practice immediately understandable and accessible.

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