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A down-on-his-luck writer looking for inspiration decides to spend a night alone and under the influence of hallucinogens in the ruins of a house that was rumored to have been built by a powerful family of witches long ago. What he experiences that night changes his life forever… and not necessarily for the best. Over a century before that, in the last years of the Victorian Era, two young girls discover a book in the same house that might well have been written by the Devil- and it conjures forth unspeakable terrors and wonders that carry them both to the strange place beyond life and death. “The House that Cerrith Built” contains the short story “Meadowsweet’s Red Chaplet” and the prequel novella to that story, “Yet Thy Spirit Shall Not Sleep.” Drawing upon deep strands of folklore, mythology, history, and esotericism, it weaves together two related tales of horror and mystery that ask disturbing questions about the ordinary definition of reality, and the nature of good and evil.

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