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Horehound Herb C/S Organic 1oz

As a popular folk remedy for hundreds of years, horehound was planted throughout Europe and brought with settlers to North America, where it quickly became naturalized. It is a typical herb of cottage gardens, where it is harvested for use in tea and candy. The genus name ‘marrubium’ is believed to be derived from a Hebrew word meaning ‘bitter juice’.
Botanical name: Marrubium vulgare

Botanical Family: Laminaceae

Common name: horehound

Synonyms: white horehound, hoarhound, marrubio blanco (Spanish)

horehound sourceThe Plant: Horehound originated in Asia and southern Europe but is now naturalized throughout Europe. The one- to two-foot tall spreading perennial has woolly stems and wrinkled, oval-shaped leaves. The leaves are green on the upper side and covered with dense woolly hairs (tomentose) on the underside, giving them a white appearance. Small white flowers appear starting in the second year of growth and are located in densely woolly whorls on the stem. Horehound has a quite bitter, herbaceous flavor and is faintly aromatic.

An unrelated herb, black horehound (ballota nigra) has some similar uses, so the name white horehound, which horehound is sometimes called, is sometimes used in order to avoid confusion between the two herbs.

Constituents of Note: Up to 1% marrubin, a bitter lactone, flavonoids, tannins and trace amounts of an essential oil.

Quality: Due to the fine woolly hairs on horehound, the cut herb can have a fluffy or webby appearance. Horehound herb consists of the dried leaves and flowering tops, which include herbaceous (soft) stems. No woody stems or hard stem should be present.

Regulatory Status: GRAS (Title 21 182.10 and 182.2) and as a dietary supplement.

Did you know? An old fashioned sweet, horehound candy, was made using a strong horehound tea and sugar, cooked to form a hard candy lozenge. Horehound candy originated as a way to make the bitter horehound herb a more palatable medicine.

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