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Dr. John Montanee: A Grimoire
by Dr. Louie Martinie

The first book length publication celebrating the life and times of the first Dr. John (birth circa 1815 – passing 1885), this publication contains conjures meant to offer Dr. John the opportunity to become a fully present loa in today’s world.

History and folklore have Dr. John filling many posts. He was a freeman of color reputed to be a contemporary of Marie Laveaux in the voodoo on Congo Square, a New Orleans conjure man, drummer, herbalist, physician, and spiritual Doctor as well as having a coffeehouse and dealing in real estate. He was a man worth knowing and is a spirit worth working with.

Reprints of the actual historical documents include a contract with Dr. John’s signature, his Marriage Certificate, his Death Certificate, and various censuses from the period providing important keys to his life. Folkloric sources of beliefs about Dr. John, both verbal and written, are extensively treated. An index and a bibliography add to the book’s ease of use.

A unique feature of the book consists of experiments, explorations, experiences, investigations, teachings, and conjures by current members of the spiritual community which are provided to bring the reader closer to Dr. John and Dr. John closer to the reader. The collection of this material is ongoing through DrJohnVoodoo.com and the reader is encouraged to participate in this great work.

This book is a comprehensive reference for the study of Dr. John as well as the offering of service to the Good Doctor. So often it is heard that little is published on Dr. John. Now that is no longer the case.

“Do the conjures. Then listen as once dry dust takes on a new life. The facts of history are the bones. Folklore is the flesh. Conjure is the spirit. Dr. John will speak to you.”


• Beginning at the Destination
• First Conjure: The Pelican
• Second Conjure: Speaking in the Voice
• Third Conjure: A Conjure Ball
• History: Links and Talismans
• Folklore: Links and Pathways
• Voices of the Community:
Experiments, Explorations, Experiences, Investigations, Teachings, and Conjures
Festival Teachings, Conjures, and Magickal Records
Gryphon’s Nest Festivals, Louisiana
Starwood Festivals
Babalon Rising Festivals
Experiments, Explorations, Experiences, and Conjures
Always Listen to the Doctor by Claudia Williams
Dr. John Montanee: The Physician’s Message is Know Thyself by Lilith Dorsey
Gris Gris Lamp for Dr. John Montanee by Denise Alvarado
To Sleep On The Tomb of Dr. John Montenet by Witchdoctor Utu
Notes on the Painting of The Tomb of Doctor John by Linda Falorio
Bringing Balance to the Order of Voodoo Religion by Priestess Miriam
The Elevation of Dr. John Montane by Andrieh Vitimus
Some Conjures by Louie Martinié
A Dream and a Ritual Record by Maegdlyn
You Can be a Healer Now by Baron Sylvia
He Walked From His House by Houngan Steven Denney
A Dream by Pamela Marie Nemec
Drum Needed to be Played by Midnyte Hierax
Sweet, Sweet Water 2012 Babalon Rising Festival: Conjure by Sara Terry
Bright’s Disease: A Medical Investigation by Sara Grey
The Superposition of Dr. Jean: A Handwriting Investigation by Denise Alvarado
Dr. John Montanee: An Astrological Riddle by Rev Bill Duvendack
Dr. John’s Natal Astrological Chart by Rev Bill Duvendack
Dr. John’s Marriage Progression Astrological Chart by Rev Bill Duvendack
Sonick Sigil: Drumming Dr. John’s Name by Vovin Lonshin and Louis Martinié
• The Spiritual Doctors of New Orleans
• Ending at the Beginning: Why – An Apologia
• New Orleans: A Voodoo Pilgrimage

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