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A concentrated handbook of Lunar Zodiacal and Astrological Wizard-Craft at its most potent, packed with both theoretical and practical material on Hermetic Lunar and Stellar Magick. The systems revealed here are both potent and authentically ancient, though little has been written about them for the last 300 years. Topics include Hermetic Foundations and Transmission; IYNX: The Erotic Philosophy of Magick; The Cosmology of Astrological Magick, Manazil-al-Qamar: The 28 Mansions of the Moon; Practising the Magick; Drawing Down the Stars – The Sabean system of the ‘Fifteen Fixed Stars’, Behenian Star Magic, Saracen, Moorish and Medieval recensions, talismans, correspondences, esoteric lore. Superbly illustrated by Nigel’s renowned artwork resulting in yet another masterpiece from this inspired author. ISBN 186163 2029

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