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Beyond Lemuria DVD

Beyond Lemuria is an allegory of good and evil intentions. Two groups of mystic seekers are played by the same actors. The sinister “Draconians” search for ancient super-scientific secrets of power in the caverns under Mt. Shasta, while their counterparts, the “Lothinians” seek spiritual enlightenment by climbing America’s Holy Mountain. Both groups find what they are seeking and get what they deserve.
– Written by Poke Runyon – Writer-Producer
The entire story actually takes place in the few minutes it takes a candidate, William Morgan, standing before the altar in a magical temple, to decide whether he will follow the path of Light or the way of darkness. In this case the way of darkness is symbolized by the powerful ancient super-science of the underground “Deros” whose dimension can be reached through a machine called “The Intragravatron.” In his dark persona Morgan is a neophyte in an evil secret society of “Draconians” who will use the machine to open “The Gate.” In his spiritual persona Morgan belongs to the “Lothinian” brotherhood of the Master Phylos (played by the same actor who takes the role of Brother Abaddon of the Draconians). The Lothinians take a yearly pilgrimage up the slopes of Mt. Shasta to receive enlightenment. As the action progresses we cut back and forth between the two groups, contrasting their attitudes and experiences. One by one the Draconians come to bad ends, while the Lithonians find the treasures of the spirit that they are seeking. The black-and-white symbolism is carried through out the film, in sets, costumes and props, emphasizing the medieval morality play theme.
– Written by Poke Runyon — Writer-Producer
BEYOND LEMURIA, The Shaver Mystery and the Secrets of Mt. Shasta Digital motion picture in wide screen DVD format Running time: 120 minutes…

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