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Who are the new Pagans, and what do they stand for? Are their ancient rituals and beliefs relevant in the 1990’s? And why have their traditions become a spiritual path embraced by so many?

In this new book the authors explore the origins and activities of modern Paganism, and provide a forum for a variety of Pagan leaders to share their beliefs and practices.

For the first time we have a comprehensive resource covering many branches of the modern Pagan movement. The editors present overviews of various faiths and current issues through interviews with well-known Pagan writers, artists, teachers, and other visionaries of our times. Traditions covered include The New Druids, Wicca, the Faery Faith, and Goddess-centered Paganism. Issues include the law, politics and persecution, the military, and student activity. Look for your favorite names such as Isaac Bonewits, Oberon G’Zell, Selena Fox, Starhawk, and many more. The resource directory lists books and articles, tapes, magazines, organizations, merchants and services, even electronic contacts. An essential basic Pagan reference book.

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