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Asenath Mason – Necronomicon Gnosis

The magic of the Necronomicon is based on dreams, visions and transmissions from planes and dimensions beyond the world as we know it, channeled and earthed by sensitive individuals. The power of this mythical tome lies in its intangibility and mysteriousness – it is a book with limitless potential, a volume that has never been completed and is continuously writing itself through the hands of those who receive its gnosis. Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction thoroughly explores this magical tradition, discussing the lore of the Cthulhu Mythos from the perspective of a practitioner, providing applicable methods of work, both for beginners and advanced magicians. It presents basic magical concepts and techniques of their practical use within the context of the Necronomicon Gnosis: pacts and ceremonies, astral journeys, dream magic, scrying and travelling through gateways to interstellar dimensions, evocations, invocations, sex magic, self-initiation, shape-shifting, necromancy, the art of sacrifice, and many others. These techniques allow for a shift of consciousness in which we are able to experience the energies of the Great Old Ones that are normally inaccessible to our mundane perception.

First published in 2007, the original version of the book has been revised, expanded and updated. New chapters were added, containing texts and rituals previously published in various journals and magazines, as well as completely new, unpublished essays and practices. The last chapter introduces the work of the Spider Goddess of Space, known in the ancient times and within the Draconian/Typhonian gnosis as Arachne, the queen of hidden temples existing in-between worlds and tunnels of the Nightside. These labyrinths are known in the Necronomicon lore as the Vaults of Zin. The contents of the last chapter form a specific grimoire in itself, containing a self-initiatory system that integrates consciousness with the energies of the Weaver of the Web and transforming the Initiate into a living gateway and vessel for the primal force of the Spider Goddess.

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