We are a metaphysical shop offering

Unique Gifts for
MIND, BODY, and SPirit.

Now located at 23 N. 10th St between Broadway and Walnut in downtown Columbia!

Columbia’s Original New Age Metaphysical Occult Store! Established in 2010. Alpaca fiber items, crystals, books, music, jewelry, tarot cards, incense, herbs, essential oils, candles, magickal and ritual tools, statuary and wall hangings, clothing, robes and cloaks, hand drums & singing bowls, tarot readings, aura camera pictures, astrology charts and more! All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges. Thanks for understanding.


Every Wednesday through Saturday we have Tarot and Astrology readings, and Aura Camera pictures available by Persephone's Divination

Tarot Readings

3 Card Reading $15.00

6 Card Reading $25.00

10 Card Reading $35.00

Aura Camera Pictures

Single Page Reading $20.00

Multi Page Reading $40.00


Birth Chart Reading $80.00



Phone: (573)529-6183

Email: info@goodnature.us